Gamevil releases RPG/Tower Defense Hybrid Arel Wars for Android

Gamevil releases RPG/Tower Defense Hybrid Arel Wars for Android



The gaming Giant known as Gamevil gave us an awesome game last week with Baseball Superstars 2012, and this week they’re back again with a new Android game called Arel Wars. The two releases couldn’t be more different as one has you slugging it out on the diamond while Arel Wars is a hybrid game that combines RPG action with defensive strategy as you fight to become the champion of Drusilla.

Arel Wars is a Tower Defense game of sorts that borrows some great elements from RPG games like equipment, leveling up, and upgrading. You’ll get to choose one of three races to play with and each race has its own strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also get to command over 50 normal, unique and Hero units as you battle for supremacy and take down your enemies towers. You basically equip your squad and then send your troops out along a few paths to meet the enemy. If you let the enemy slip past you and get to your castle it’s just a matter of time before you’re toast. It’s a nice blend of attacking and defending that’s surprisingly tough as I found out when I got my ass handed to me the first few tries.


I generally play & love most of Gamevil’s titles and Arel Wars is no different. The game has enough upgrades and unlockables to keep you busy for awhile and most importantly, it’s a lot of fun to play. There will be a full review of this bad boy in a few days, until then I highly recommend you head on over to the market and pick up Arel Wars for free.

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