A Review of Making Fun’s Zombro for Android

A Review of Making Fun’s Zombro for Android


Zombro is a new Zombie game from the fine folks at Making Fun, and it’s a Zombie game unlike any other you’ve played. You don’t get to shoot zombies or even flick things at them; you actually don’t get to kill any at all. Instead you get to be the Zombie, and you’ll be the one trying to survive in this wacky little puzzler.

The premise behind Zombro is a very interesting one as you play a Zombie who has the uncanny ability to disassemble himself to get through the stages. You can pop off and remove three things – your torso, legs, and brain. Each can move independently from one another, but you’ll have to put them back together to get through the exit.

Some of Zombro’s parts are a little more helpful than others. Your legs for instance can jump but only if they’re disconnected from the torso. Have a crawlspace to get through that’s too small for your legs or torso? That’s where the brain comes in handy as you can tilt your device to roll your brain through hard to reach spaces. Needless to say, the way you get around in Zombro is unique and very cool.

There are 50 total levels in Zombro, and those levels vary wildly by throwing all sorts of fun things at you in the form of swinging chainsaws, spiked pits, crates, levers, dynamite, and the occasional angry dog. You are a Zombie and can’t “die” but you can sure be hurt, and you’ll probably take a lot of damage trying to figure out the tricky puzzles.

Zombro gives gamers 15 levels to try for free, but there are an additional two level packs you can buy with the Desert & Bayou Packs which bring the total level count up to 50. As for the extras, Zombro has a shop that lets you use Brains earned in the game to buy gear for your Zombie. You can deck him out in several different shirts, some goggles and pants, and you can even exchange the brain for a few neat items like bowling balls, a bomb or even a radish. They also utilize OpenFeint so you can snag some achievements and track your top scores.


From the first time I saw little Zombro dig himself out of the ground and mumble “Brains” I knew the game would be interesting, but I wasn’t sure how it would pan out. What I got was a rock solid puzzler with a unique style and a great sense of humor. Zombro is easy to play, but hard enough to keep you busy, and the 50 levels should keep you puzzled for quite a while. What I liked the most about the game aside from being able to dismember my Zombie of course, were the graphics and music. Zombro’s unique style was a nice change of pace and the twangy’ background music fits the atmosphere of the game to a tee.

Zombie fans or people that love platformers will definitely dig Zombro, and we highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. You get the first 15 levels for free, and if you like what you additional packs can be had for $0.99 a pop. If you’re ready to get your Zombie on you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Making Fun’s Zombro.

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