A Review of Gamelofts Six-Guns for Android

A Review of Gamelofts Six-Guns for Android



Gameloft released an interesting Western themed Android game a few days ago called Six-Guns, and as promised we’re back with a full review. As a fan of Red Dead Redemption this is one game I knew I had to play, but I was a little apprehensive that it would just be another Gameloft clone. What I found was a nice mission-based game with a heavy dose of Red Dead, which to be honest is not a bad thing…


Controlling your Cowboy is done through the v-pad and you’ll shoot by hitting the revolver icon. There are a few other actions you can take like rolling and crouching, and your main menu/function buttons can all be found along the top of the screen. Six-Guns lets you mount horses, ride, shoot, and pretty much do all the things a cowboy does on a daily basis. There are even animal skinning missions which is a pretty obvious reference to another western game, but nice to see nonetheless.

You basically travel around the old west and take on missions that can be accessed from the mini-map. You can click on any mission icon to get details on the payout which generally involves coins and XP. The missions vary quite a bit from defeating ghouls and outlaws to racing horses; there are even some “King of the Hill” style missions thrown in there which was a nice touch. Overall the missions are fun (if a bit easy) and should keep you busy for quite some time as there seems to be a lot of them. I also noticed you can travel to different areas like Oregon and Arizona, but I’m not sure how many areas are included in the game.


Now that you know the basics, we’re going to cover my favorite part which is the weapons & gear. The Store icon allows you to access guns, clothing, horses, and items like bullets and medicine. There are around 20 guns in top purchase and to say some of them are bad-ass would be an understatement. They’ve got everything from your normal “Rusty Gun” to beasts like the Tesla Gun, Gatling Annihilator, and the aptly named Crucificator. As for the gear there are 32 different hats, jackets, boots, and pants you can buy to deck your cowboy out; you also get 9 horses including a very cool looking Mechanical Horse. Everything is purchased with coins or badges, and as you might have guessed Badges are considered “premium” currency and are hard to come by. If you don’t have enough of either, you can buy them via the in-app purchasing system.


I really, really got hyped up when I saw Six-Guns was out, and what it was about. After playing it I’m not as excited as I was, but I’m not disappointed either. As mentioned in our earlier report the controls are sketchy at times, it’s not unplayable but they need to work the kinks. I also have a major issue with the constant barrage of “Push Notifications” in the game. I don’t have an issue when games remind me of something occasionally, with the key word being occasionally. Graphically the game looks great, and I don’t mind at all that it looks like a Red Dead clone as Red Dead is a damned fine game. Overall, Six-Guns is a solid Android game that looks great and has plenty of depth, but the control issues do need to be fixed. Not trying to beat a dead horse (pun intended) about that, just stating the obvious. If ya’ dig westerns or want to try something different you should definitely check out Gameloft’s Six-Guns. You can pick up Six-Guns for free on Google Play.

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