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The Best Rolling, Tilting, And Racing Games on The Ipad

Date Added: November 19, 2010 05:03:18 PM
Author: Tatiana
Category: Iphone

The accelerometer, combined with the large size of the iPad, has given way to tilt games with much improved controls. This article lists the best games that are worth checking out.

 The implementation of the accelerometer and its inclusion in the mechanics of various games is nothing new anymore, especially with the iPhone and the iPod Touch already having a large library of tilt games. However, with the launching of the iPad, the idea of utilizing the accelerometer with the considerably larger real estate garnered lots of interest from both fans and developers. With the iPad’s larger, but sexier, size, the App Store is sure to produce more innovative tilt games down the road. In the meantime, here are the best accelerometer or tilt games that come highly recommended for the iPad.

Best Accelerometer or Tilt Games for iPad #1: Real Racing HD

IGN: 8.5/10

Slide To Play: 4/4

Pocket Gamer: 8/10

Where the iPad scores big in tilt games is racing. And it should be no surprise that two of the games on this list are from that genre. The iPad’s size combined with the accelerometer is just plain perfect for racing games. You have a bigger iPad, which translates to a more comfortable grip, and a closer feeling to actual driving. It’s basically tilt to steer, and it’s one of the most unique and fun experiences to have with an iPad. As far as the actual game goes, content-wise, this is no upgrade over the iPhone version (the basis for the less-than-perfect ratings). Presentation and controls-wise, it is a huge upgrade. Steering is now even more precise and the visuals are among the best currently in the App Store. In a nut shell, Real Racing HD is a classic sim racer that could be referred to as the iPad’s Gran Turismo.

Best Accelerometer or Tilt Games for iPad #2: Super Monkey Ball 2 for iPad


The APPera: 9.5/10

Pocket Gamer: 6/10

As soon as it was made know that the accelerometer would be implemented in the iPod Touch, rolling games such as the popular Super Monkey Ball were among the first games in the market. This is actually a semi-port from the GameCube, and though, rolling games such as this are relatively easier to finish with directional buttons or an analog stick, the experience feels more genuine when you tilt the iPad.

Best Accelerometer or Tilt Games for iPad #3: Need for Speed: Shift for iPad


IGN: 9.0/10

Slide To Play: 4/4

If you find Real Racing HD too serious or too sim for your taste, then NFS: Shift is the game for you. Just like Real Racing HD, your car steers smoothly with your tilt, particularly because of the iPad’s larger size. Drifting is now less difficult and more fun to accomplish in the iPad. This time, for those sharp turns, your body now moves in sync with your every tilt. It’s such a rush when you’re this close to a physical experience to high speed driving as this game delivers. The NFS franchise, unless you’ve totally been living under a rock all these years, is among the best street racers in the market. And if you need that one game to actually showcase your iPad especially its accelerometer capabilities, then this is probably it.

Best Accelerometer or Tilt Games for iPad #4: Labyrinth 2 HD

Pocket Gamer: 8/10

Slide To Play: 4/4

Appadvice: 4.5/5

This is the traditional tilt game. When the idea on utilizing the accelerometer for games first came into play, this kind of tilt game was certainly what several people had in mind.  It’s fairly basic and doesn’t offer any “wow” factor in terms of accelerometer gameplay, but is certainly a no-brainer when tilt games come to mind. If you once played the classic labyrinth game on a wooden square box, the accelerometer does exactly that for the iPad.

Best Accelerometer or Tilt Games for iPad #5: Little Metal Ball HD

You could sum this up as a combination of Labyrinth and Super Monkey Ball. You control a metal ball in a top view game like Labyrinth, but you also have a sort of an adventure feel to it and banana-collecting element similar to Super Monkey Ball. Aside from the standard tilt gameplay, unique to this game is the ability to have the metal ball jump, on certain occasions even “break” your iPad’s screen.Those are pretty much the five best accelerometer or tilt games currently in the App Store for the iPad. Give at least one or two of these games a try. Play it at a public place, tilt that iPad like a madman, and you’re sure to get a lot of attention. Don’t worry, they’re not making fun of you. They’re just plain jealous. In the end, who cares? Have fun and push that accelerometer to the limit!

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